Hannah Jinks and the Cardiff Council Housing First Team sponsored our buffet and coffee and gave an insight into the new programme that they have to really to tackle the hard core rough sleepers and truly sustain their tenancies long term.  It seems for the first time there is a project of this kind that has the resources and support levels that might well work and break the cycle of rough sleeping for these people.  This is a project supported in the Private Rented Sector, so Hannah and her team are looking for landlords that may be willing to rent their properties to their clients.  If you weren’t at the talk it’s worth looking at the support they provide.  As well as very intensive support to the tenant they have the ability to organise direct payments and provide a 6 months rent guarantee and up to £2000 cover for potential damages during or at the end of the tenancy.  They also in certain circumstances have funds to carry out some property improvements as well.

If you wish to get in contact for more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with her here.
Her presentation can be found here. 

We also had Debbie Davies from TDS that talked about reducing disputes and how to provide the evidence that is needed to an adjudicator.  I think it surprised some of our landlords about the types and quality of evidence required.  She also ran through some details on the future deposit cap.  It’s worth checking out the plethora of information TDS have on how to deal with deposits correctly and win disputes on their website.

More information can be found here
Presentation not yet available, but will be granted to us soon.

On behalf of the RLA I gave an update on the sector and on our work on:

The presentation can be found here. 

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