3 Month grace period for landlords to register tenants’ details with water companies

Do you have properties in the Welsh Water or Dee Valley Water Company areas? Do your tenants pay their own water bill? Did you know that from January 1st you could be jointly responsible for making sure that water bill gets paid?

Fear not, however, although the law stipulates that you have to register tenants’ details within 21 days of a tenancies occupancy beginning (by 21st January for current tenancies), the  Dee Valley and Welsh Water Companies have agreed not to pursue landlords until March 31st at the earliest for their tenants’ outstanding water debt. If you do not wish to be responsible for your tenants’ water debt, it is strongly advised that you register their details at www.landlordtap.com immediately.

If you have properties across Wales, you can find out who your water provider is here http://www.ofwat.gov.uk/consumerissues/watercompanies/map/

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